My child goes to school in a different Local Authority to the one we live in. Which SENDIAS Service should I contact?

In the first instance, you should contact the SENDIAS Service in the Local Authority in which you live.

I think my child might have some special educational needs, although the school haven’t said anything. Will the SENDIAS Service help me?

Yes, Luton SENDIAS Service will be happy to discuss your situation further.

What information, advice and support does SENDIAS offer?

We offer accurate, up to date and impartial resources and information about the law on special educational needs and disability. This covers;

  • education, health and social care
  • national and local policy
  • the Local Offer
  • your rights and choices
  • your opportunities to participate
  • where you can find help and advice
  • how you can access this support.

We provide information in many ways, including publications, training events and information days.

Sometimes information alone is not enough. You may want help to gather information, make sense of it and apply it to your own situation. We call this advice and we offer this service by email, on the telephone, face to face and through work with groups or in training.

We can also offer more intensive support if you need it. This can include helping with letters, attending meetings with you or supporting you in discussions with the Local Authority, school or other setting.

When we are not able to help, we will do our best to tell you about, or put you in touch with, other groups or organisations that can help. We call this signposting.

Is the service confidential?

Yes. We will not share your information with anyone unless you tell us we can. The only exception to this would be because we have a specific concern about a child’s safety.

You can find our Confidentiality Policy in the policy section on our website. 

 What if I do not agree with decisions about SEN provision?

If you are not happy about the help that your child has at school, the first step is to talk to their teacher, or to the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO or SENDCO) or the Head Teacher.

If you think the school is doing all it can, but your child needs even more help, you can ask the Local Authority for an EHC Needs Assessment.

If your child has an Education, Health and Care plan, you can also contact Luton SEN Team.

Luton SENDIAS service can help you prepare for, and attend a meeting. If you still have concerns, we can help you decide what to do next.