SENDIAS gave me a better understanding of the EHCP process and helped with my anxieties.

The website should have a EHCP scenario page to help parents/guardians get a better understanding of how they work and if/when they could apply.

Because SENDIAS is an impartial service, it’s difficult for them to tell people what to do, but from previous experiences, you could inform them via a spider diagram display of what parents, school and professionals do and outcome results. If it shows true reflections (without names, but important facts like diagnosis, assessment of professionals so people can relate) parents get an understanding of how it works and if they are in position to start an EHCP application.

“I’m feeling more positive now that we might finally get things right for our son.  I would like to thank you once again for your help and support and for your continued offer of support should I need it. Speaking with you really has been most helpful.”

“Very pleased with the help and advice given so far. Good to know I can contact Cathy in the future, should I need further help.”

“Information and support from SENDIAS has made a massive difference – I have more knowledge of how the process works. Rachel was very informative and supportive – she has been amazing. I have already recommended the service to another parent!”

“Leanne (Administrator) was really helpful and prompt in calling back when she said she would. Found her very polite and informative.”

“It took a few attempts to get hold of SENDIAS, but once I did, their support and advice was very valuable.”

“SENDIAS gave me more knowledge and confidence to approach the school. I am very happy with the advice and support SENDIAS gave me.”

“Very happy with the service given and I have already recommend you to others.”

“I feel more confident with the information I have.”

“Helped me get my two boys into Special school”

“Great to get the support from you. I’m really happy with the help and support SENDIAS provided, as I really didn’t know where to turn to.”

“I was given a breakdown of all schools to contact. Advice given was very useful, so thank you for that.”

“SENDIAS pointed me in the right direction – unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to act on information and advice! Staff are very friendly and helpful.”

“It made the process more understandable and easier to manage. Thank you Rachel for all of your effort and time. I really appreciate the advice you have given me. This service is amazing for parents like me who are struggling.”

“SENDIAS gave me reassurance I was following the correct path with my daughter ref her diagnosis. SENDIAS offer a really valuable service with impartial and knowledgeable advice, and gives information about possible routes parents can go through to get diagnosis of their child’s SEN.”

I got through to the answerphone on my first few attempts, but then decided to leave a message, and they were prompt in getting back to me once they had my contact details! SENDIAS helped me make the right decision. They are good at listening and there is someone to help with any queries / issues you may have. Would definitely recommend them”