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How to find a suitable school

Please find below a link to the Government site called ‘Get information about schools’.

This site will provide you with information about all types of schools locally. It allows you to search for different types of schools by applying different filters or using your postcode.

Luton Schools

There are two primary special schools and one secondary special school for children with complex learning difficulties.

There are also several specialist provisions sited within mainstream schools, offering access to specialist teaching and learning approaches and specialist equipment. These include provisions for children with visual and hearing impairments, physical disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders.

Each area also has a specialist provision for primary aged children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, managed through the area partnership.

Special Schools in Luton on the Luton Local Offer website

Specialist Provisions in Schools on the Luton Local Offer Website

The Secretary of State has published a list of approved independent special institutions (Independent Special Schools – England and Wales and Special Post-16 institutions). Institutions on the approved list are published on at

Central Beds Specialist school information: Central Beds Specialist School Information

Hertfordshire Specialist School information: Hertfordshire Specialist School Information

SEN Support in Schools

Please find some resources that may assist you further. We are happy to provide further assistance or advice if required, and can signpost you to further information and resources. 

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